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Welcome note.

After a year of not working. Flying out for Camelot? Can I be honest ya’ll? I’m scared and nervous. I have butterflies all around my stomach and in my throat. And after a year of not working- well- it’s almost too much to even sit down and write this. I feel like running up and down this cold cold cold Sugar Land suburban street. But I’m also exhilarated. It reminds me why I love being on stage. It’s where I feel most alive.

Every sight is amplified, every movement is in my mind’s eye, the feel of the stage beneath my feet (especially in “Jungle Book” because I was barefoot Ha Ha). It’s where I feel scared but alive. And I think sometimes those two things go together.

Whenever I get scared and do something anyway- that’s when I feel so vulnerable- (and trust I know all the way to close down from this, Alexander Technique has been extremely helpful to oppose that closing down) - is when I feel like my blood is pumping.

I’ll be updating this blog consistently to talk about my journey through this process ❤️ Hopefully to give hope and show that our industry is VITAL for the human race ❤️ Actors matter and we matter now more than ever ❤️


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