Levin Valayil
                  Currently  Cast  in                "The Fantasticks" as Matt at the Cape Playhouse
Image by Bia Andrade
I’ve always been curious about how things worked, and when the acting bug bit me I went on a rampage to figure out how it worked and how to get good at it. I was relentless and I never quit trying to get better at my craft.
But now, I’m on a new journey; where instead of trying to be “good,” I’m trying to remain open and actually play. I’m coming to realize that there is no “conquering acting.” Rather there is a
constant discovery on how my voice and body can help me tell a story; and it will evolve every single day!

I was brought up in Sugar Land, TX and went to Berklee College of Music for my B.M. in Music Therapy and Voice/Piano Performance. I then received my MFA in Musical Theater from Boston Conservatory. After that came my real quest to find every and any acting teacher who would tolerate my endless questions about the craft in NYC.
I have trained in New York and acted on stages across North America, in national commercials and in film. In 2020 I studied at the Steppenwolf Theater Company in Chicago and was deeply
entrenched in Viewpoints, Meisner and Feldenkrais. I am currently studying online with the
SITI company, who focus on Suzuki and Viewpoints, and with teachers Gabriel Levey and Christopher Bays who focus on clown and physical theater.



I am excited to share with you all my latest sizzle reels. As an actor, I love playing versatile roles.



I can help you start being the incredible actor you are supposed to be. 



I would love to connect with you. Let's find ways to collaborate, or if you just want to say hello!

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