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I view acting as the free and uninhibited expression of what your body wants to do in a scene. A lot of the times we are controlling our bodies so that we don’t "embarrass ourselves" or "are not too much" in front of other people..




You have permission to be gross, violent, sexy, too sexy even, because acting is the one place where you can explore those states of being without the guilt and of the shame society places on you. Think about your favorite plays? "Guards at the Taj" - violent, bloody, brutal – Humayun and Babur cut off 1000 hands! "Hamlet" is stabbing people who are behind tapestries. "Lobby Hero" – the character William lies to protect his brother who probably killed someone. What does this tell us? Most of the plays, stories, you depict are not going to be happy dances in the park. They are going to explore humanities darkest corners, and thank God for that! We need to explore every part of ourselves to be whole. We are all made up of all those parts..


I can help you start being the incredible actor you are supposed to be. And yes! I WANT you to be too much :)

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Levin is an amazing action coach! He helped my daughter with two acting submissions. During many of his sessions he would give suggestions about body language and tone and she improved as she practiced more. Levin is very energetic and gives lots of feedback. My daughter felt very comfortable working with him through zoom during these last few months. I would highly recommend Levin for any type of acting or singing routines.



Levin was my acting coach and helped me with my demo reel and first acting audition. He was very patient and easy to work with. He is organized with his schedule. Levin gave great tips on how to improve my body language, facial expressions, and tone. Overall, he used interactive warm-ups and exercises.

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I had a great session with Levin for a feature film audition. He was extremely helpful and reliable. He was patient and very insightful and helped me the develop the journey of the character I was reading for. He really made me feel more confident and free.

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